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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mimicking Animals Architecture zoomorphic

The ability to create out of nothing, without beginning and without an example belongs to Allah alone. Even man, the designer of various technology itself is one of his creations are awesome. Allah has created all His creatures, including human beings endowed man from nothingness and design expertise.

In many ways that we think are the result of human design, it is no example in nature. The forms and products of emerging technologies through research year after year, had no counterpart in nature since millions of years earlier. Counterpart in nature is always much more sophisticated and perfect. Aware of this fact, the designers, architects, and scientists choose to follow nature's example in God's creation in designing new products.

In the field of architecture, the building is designed to imitate living in the wild is now a new phenomenon, so dikenallah term "zoomorphic" or imitate animals architecture. "Zoomorphic is a fusion between architecture and biology," according to Hugh Aldersey-Williams, head of the Victoria and Albert museum in London, Inggrism, which some time ago an exhibition of zoomorphic. A number of animals have inspired building dididrikan, of which mimic the shape of birds, fish, shrimp, whales, or biological forms such as bones, ribs, and insect eyes. One example is the train station in France as shown in the picture.

Not only architects who utilize assessment of creation. The engineers who developed the robotic technology is also researching insects as a source of inspiration. Robots are built on proven insect leg to stand with better balance. When the suction pads attached to the robot's legs, they were able to climb walls like a fly. A robot developed by a Japanese company was able to walk on the ceiling like an insect. The company is using a robot to inspect the bottom of the bridge by using sensors attached to his body.

American armed forces are known researching the machines very small (micro machine) for a long time. According to Professor Johannes Smith, the motor is less than 1 millimeter can move a robot the size of an ant. Robots like this are being considered for use as a small army consisting of robots that mimic ants to penetrate through the opponent's defense unnoticed and damage jet engines, radar and computer center. Two of Japan's largest industrial companies, Mitsubishi and Matsushita, have taken initial steps to cooperate in the field. The results of such cooperation is very small robot weighing 0.42 grams and runs with a speed of 4 meters per minute.

Great works of architecture and design of these robots are the result of the ideas and work of the designers and genius. So what kind of intelligence in the form of an animal to produce works that inspire their work? Of course, knowledge and unlimited power belong to God who is behind the creation of the animals, including the man who took the sample from the animal. God teaches the perfection of design and the design of his creation to imitate humans, as well as for humans to understand the greatness of the Creator.